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Directory Submission

What is directory submission?

Directory submission is an off-page SEO action. It is also a pretty fundamental exercise. Directory submission is a method of increasing both page rank and site rank. There are a plethora of directories accessible on the internet nowadays. Create profiles in various directories that are relevant to your website or products and services. You must include links to the websites. As far as the search engine is concerned, the different instances of the same information appear to be reliable. As a result, directory submission boosts search engine rankings.

Types of directory

There are mainly three types of directory submission sites based on the demand of your website. You are free to choose any of these categories for your website.

Free directory submission sites

This type of submission site is utilised to submit your website’s URL for free. These kind of sites are ideal for promoting your website in its early stages. One disadvantage is that it will take a week for your website’s URL to be approved.

Paid directory submission sites

When you need to create links quickly for your website, this is the ideal alternative for you. You are welcome to enter your website URL below, and it will be included within a few hours. This is the fastest approach to create high-quality backlinks.

Reciprocal directory submission sites

This is the sort of online directory submission site that requires you to provide a link on your website. This is the link to the webpage where you must enter your URL. Then comes the phase when the website’s owner approves your link and adds it to his website.

benefits of directory submission

  1. High-Quality Backlink
  2. Boost Search Ranking
  3. Helps In Fast Indexing
  4. Higher Domain Authority
  5. Maximize Organic Traffic
  6. Boost Search visibility

It will instantly enhance your search exposure or online visibility, which is very beneficial for increasing search ranking.

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